CoD Black Ops: How To Get Better At Multiplayer

Practice, Practice, Practice
Okay, you might be thinking “seriously, this is the advice you have to give!?” but I am serious. If you want to get better, above and beyond all the other tips you’re going to read, you need to practice, plain and simple.

If you don’t want to play online against real people, I suggest doing the Combat Training option, it uses “dummy” players, which are players from your friends list and makes them the A.I. (dummy players) and you can choose the difficulty. This is a great way to learn the online maps and familiarize yourself with the online game so that you have a good idea of what you can expect when u decide to try out the real thing.

Now, I’m not saying camp your way through every map in the multiplayer portion of the game, but I’m a believer in there being a time and a place for everything, especially in this game.

When u sprint, make sure you’re looking around as best as possible, and watch out on corners. Know your destination you have in mind so you can get there as quickly and safely as possible and be ready for any enemies.

If you’re going to camp, I recommend get a kill (max 2 kills) and then move to another spot, because it’s only a matter of time until you’re discovered in the spot you’re at.

Finally, if you enjoy a good run and gun, I recommend being good at not straight running through a map and dying, but knowing when u take cover to reload, and when to run and get a kill and repeat.

LoadoutWeapon, Perks, and Equipment Customization
Now, many people will have their preferences when it comes to loadout options, and when you’re just starting out you are limited to choosing the default loadout options until you rank up.

If just starting out, I recommend choosing either the SMG loadout or the Assault loadout since this will most likely be the best/fastest way to get kills and get CP so you can buy some of the better weapons, perks, etc.

After you’re able to buy some equipment, I recommend for weapon choice the Enfield Assault Rifle, because it’s the 1st weapon you can buy at level 5, and I personally can’t stand the 3 round bursts of the M16. If you prefer a SMG, I recommend using the already unlocked Skorpion or MP5K. The Skorpion is horrible in range, but I believe it’s damage, accuracy, and fire rate greatly make up for that.

As for weapon attachments, I personally prefer using a silencer on all weapons. If using an assault rifle, I prefer and recommend an infrared scope just in case I want to snipe as a second attachment. If using an SMG I prefer and recommend the grip attachment to improve accuracy.

Now for the secondary weapon, I prefer and recommend using the Makarov pistol with Upgraded Iron Sights as the attachment.

Now that you have your weapons picked out, again this is if you’re just starting out, it’s time to buy some perks. Since they all cost the same CP (2000 each), for perk 1 I’d recommend Ghost to be hidden from your spy planes, perk 2 Warlord to equip TWO attachments to your primary weapon, and perk 3 Ninja to move silently.

Now, many people prefer the Hacker perk for perk 3, however, my personal thought is this: Yes I’m already hidden using Ghost (perk 2), but why do I want to be heard while using Hacker? So what? I might be able to find care packages, and turrets, etc… but I just might also have a higher chance at getting killed if I’m heard running/walking on my way to the destination.

Reaction Time
Lastly, is your reaction time slow? If you’re using the default controller layout, make sure your holding the controller in a way to where you’re always ready to shoot either from the hip or aiming to shoot down the sights. You also might want to try changing the controller layout to better suit you.

Either way, be ready and prepared to aim and shoot at all times.

In Closing
All of of the tips I’ve recommended are solely based for someone that would be just starting out, and would hopefully give them the edge they need to help their game without the hassle of having to figure out which equipment would be best through trial and error.

As you play more and gain more CP to buy more equipment, you will be able to experiment and see what works best for your own personal playing style, so that you get better at playing Call of Duty Black Ops online.

Some Game Design Software You Could Test Out Now

If you have a passion for video games and you already know you want a future job in the game design industry, right now is the best time to start developing your skills and getting some experience. If you’re not yet in a position to take college level courses in programming or design, one of the best things you can do is start working with game design software at home. Here are three titles you can start with – all of them free.

1. Crystal Space – 3D Game Design Engine

This open source game engine is an excellent way to get your feet wet if you’re interested in multi-platform game development. Since it allows you to develop games using the C++ programming language, it is an an excellent design software title to start with. Besides allowing you to gain first hand experience in 3D visualization, Crystal Space will also help you develop your keyframe and skeletal frame game animation design skills too.

Since there are versions to download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, anyone aspiring to get into the game design industry can gain a lot of experience by working with this on their home computer first. There is also a large support community online that can answer your questions and help you learn and develop your design skills with this title.

2. Cube – First Person Shooter Game Design Software

If you’re not quite up to programming in C++ yet, but still want to get a feel for game design, you should certainly download and try working with Cube. This is a first person shooter (FPS) game and game engine that is open source. If you enjoy titles like Quake and Doom, this engine will allow you to create your own game with similar action and physics.

With this software, you can design your own FPS game world and learn to work with basic game design features such as lighting, textures, and other graphics. You’ll also learn to program collision detection and other physics necessary to create realistic weapon functions. To top it off, the game you design can be programmed for single player and multiplayer modes. Again, this title is perfect for starting out in game design as it can be downloaded and run from a Windows PC, a Linux machine or a Mac.

3. DimensioneX – MMORPG Game Design Engine

With the popularity of massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, you’ll probably want to get some experience with designing these types of games as well. If so, you should download and spend some time with DimensioneX. While most of the design software for MMORPGs is quite expensive, this title, like the ones above, is open source and free.

DimensioneX will allow you to develop multi-player games that run on a Java servlet and use a scripting code similar to BASIC. This means that not only is the programming language easy to master, but after you create the game, you can easily upload it to a webserver and others can play it with you online. Although you can’t create massive in-depth worlds with it, it will at least allow you to learn and work with important MMORPG game design concepts including maps, player communications, sounds and more.

My Favourite RPG Games in 2011

Many of the companies in the RPG PC game industry were functioning at top capacity last year. 2011 was a terrific year for the genre and ushered in many of the greatest RPG titles ever released. While many of the titles were sequels in long-running franchises, a small handful were original stories being told for the first time on the PC platform.

Whether your bag is a strong single-player campaign or a more social, massively mutiplayer experience, 2011 had something for you. Bethesda, BioWare and Eidos all brought us RPG PC games that will continue to be cherished for years to come. If you’re looking for a new role-playing adventure to pursue, consider the following three RPG PC titles all released in 2011.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Elder Scroll series is easily one of the more identifiable series not only within the genre, but within the gaming industry as a whole. Titles like Morrowind and Oblivion have been trailblazers in the role-playing space and the fifth installment in the franchise, Skyrim, is hands down the best game of them all. Skyrim is a single-player action RPG that offers an extremely open-ended, nonlinear experience allowing players to completely shape their own adventure. The game’s story includes elements of fantasy, magic and, of course, dragons. If you’ve some how managed to avoid the game up to this point, consider setting aside a few bucks and hundreds of hours for one of the greatest role-playing experiences ever made available.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Touted as one of the most expensive entertainment ventures of all time, SWTOR (from BioWare) is the product of years of development, dozens of voiceover artists and millions upon millions of dollars. The Old Republic adheres to much of the lore told under the same name and is offered as a massively multiplayer role-playing experience available exclusively to PC gamers. Like World of Warcraft, the title is highly dependent on cooperation with other players and requires a monthly subscription fee in addition to the initial cost of the title. Whether you’re a longtime Star Wars fan or are just looking for a new and exciting MMORPG experience, The Old Republic is an excellent title.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Square Enix has been a name synonymous with great RPGs for decades now, and alongside Eidos Montreal, the company released the third installment of the hit Deus Ex franchise in late 2011. Like its predecessors, Deus Ex incorporates futuristic, sci-fi elements into an epic, open-ended single-player adventure. Gamers take control of Adam Jensen, a security official forced to adjust to superhuman abilities and strength after a critical injury requires the embedding of biomechanical augmentations.

RPG PC games continue to grow both in quality and depth and 2011 was a perfect example of the modern-day industry at its best. The above list includes three of the most highly-acclaimed titles of the year but doesn’t even brush the surface of amazing RPGs released throughout all of 2011. With a one-year lineup like this one, it’s clear that the dedication to the development of top-notch computer role-playing games shows no signs of waning.